Department of Computer Science

Graduation Ceremony of the FB Computer Science

Graduation Ceremony 2022

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Kaiserslautern cordially invites you to this year's annual academic celebration. The main part of the celebration will take place in the Audimax (Geb. 42) starting at about 17:30. Before to the start of the event in the Audimax, we invite you to a champagne reception in the foyer of Building 42 starting at 17:00.


Champagne reception foyer of building 42 (starting at 17 Uhr)

Prof. Dr. Marius Kloft

Welcome by the President
Prof. Dr. Arnd Poetzsch-Heffter
President of the TU Kaiserslautern

Welcome by the Dean
Prof. Dr. Jens Schmitt
Dean of the Department of Computer Science

Dr. Jean Enno Charton (MERCK)

Academic Honors
Honoring of the graduates and doctoral candidates


Musical performance during the ceremony

After the ceremony, we invite you to a buffet and an enjoyable evening with music at the amphitheatre (building 46).

We are eagerly awaiting your visit!